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Communication Tips

At Grace Academy, we desire to partner with parents... 

....because we understand that God gives parents the right and responsibility to raise their children. We are here to assist parents in fulfilling that role.  We are facilitators of clear communication between the school and parents. Teachers welcome input and questions from parents. Teachers regularly check their email and voicemail.  We also communicate to parents via the Eagle Flyer, Thursday Folders (grades K-6), and weekly updates online for grades 4-12. These regular forms of correspondence are in place to give parents the information they need.

Perfect communication could be achieved if both parties expressed themselves perfectly; however, because humans are involved, miscommunication can occur. It is usually simply an unintentional error and is resolved quickly with a few questions for clarity. While resolving conflict can be uncomfortable, it will always require interaction, patience, asking questions, and listening on both sides. 
We want to be known as a school with caring staff and for the way we value parents and the children we teach and shepherd each day. We desire quality relationships and strive towards that end.  In Ephesians 4:1-2, Paul encourages us to live a life worthy of our calling and to be completely humble and gentle, patient, bearing with one another in love.

Thank you for your part in helping us have clear and healthy communication. Here are a few tips for families:

Always start by speaking with only those involved in the situation.  That person will usually be the student’s teacher.
Email is probably the best way to start, no matter what type of communication you prefer.   You can always request a phone call or personal conference in the email.
Give teachers and staff at least 24-48 hours to respond to emails and phone calls.  Follow up after that with a quick reminder if necessary.
If you have tried to communicate with the parties involved and need more help, please contact one of the administrators.  We are here to help!
If you have an emergency message, you can call the office.  They are great at getting messages out to the classrooms quickly. 

-Natelle Austin


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