Benefits of Grace Academy


Students are trained through a combination of academic, extra-curricular, and enrichment experiences with skilled and experienced teachers. Our professional faculty exercise great discretion in selecting curricula that is appropriate for the students to learn the fundamentals of math, reading, science, and social studies along with other academic skills. Extra-curricular opportunities further stimulate the students to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.


Our outstanding Kindergarten curriculum provides students with a strong academic and biblical foundation for future success. The students will be able to do what most schools achieve in the first grade such as being able to read simple books. The students expand their God-given abilities through their participation in a long list of enrichment classes.


The middle school years present special opportunities for our faculty to impact the students because they begin to form strong relational attachments beyond the home. There is nothing better than for children to love the teachers who affirm the same values and principles that are being taught by their dads and moms. Enrichment opportunities that they had in elementary school expand to include participation in school sports, retreats, and leadership training opportunities. Junior high strengthens and expands the students’ understanding in math, English, science, social studies, and Bible so that they are in a strong position when they enter high school and are preparing for college or other pursuits.


Most Christian schools do not have high schools, so Grace Academy offers a special opportunity for students to move seamlessly into the high school experience in a healthy small school atmosphere. In addition to receiving excellent academic preparation for college, the students form healthy relationships under the tutelage of godly men and women. Not only do students earn high school credits but they are also given the opportunity to earn college credit through partnerships with colleges. Graduates are equipped to jump into the workforce, join the military, or attend a college of their choice. They are assisted in finding the right collegiate program.