International Students

Program Overview

Grace Academy has been hosting International students for over 20 years.  Grace Academy is able to offer international students opportunities for a challenging academic program based in a smaller private Christian school setting.  The program features quality-learning opportunities with English competency as an integral aspect of each interaction.  International students’ living  accommodations are filled with a host family program comprised of a diverse group of Christian families.

International students at Grace Academy are initially provided with supportive courses to help them integrate English as a second language for learning.  Students are transitioned from these courses into mainstream courses.  International students will be exposed to Christian curriculum within the school’s program and are expected to comply with the International Student Guidebook as well as Grace Academy’s Student-Parent Handbook.  Students should have a desire to learn and grow through new experiences.  

Grace Academy accepts international students within a range of English-speaking proficiencies.  Acceptance is based on a variety of issues including availability, academic history, recommendations, maturity, and parental support.

To learn more about attending Grace Academy or to begin an application, please go to the Application Process page.


International students will be placed in classes based upon their previous academic performance and current assessments in English, Reading, and Math.  Support for learning English and in core classes is offered as necessary.  Students who qualify are able to graduate with an American high school diploma accepted by American colleges and universities for admissions purposes. 

College Credit Courses

Some Grace Academy High School courses are eligible for college credit at a reasonable additional cost.

Host Families

Each international student is required to live with a local family.  International students who are not living with their biological parents are placed with Christian host families who are screened and approved by Grace Academy.  Adults in the host family household have had a criminal background check for the student’s safety.  Students are expected to participate in the family activities and attend church regularly.  The monthly compensation to the host family covers food, lodging, and transportation to and from school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities.  Students may engage in drama and on athletic teams such as boys’ and girls’ soccer, girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, track, and golf. Participation in extra curricular sports is contingent upon VISA status, physical ability, and academic qualifications.  The athletic director will determine athletic eligibility.

international students
international students
international students