Hosting an ISP Student

Grace Academy invites Christian families to apply to serve as a host family for one or more international students.  This ministry can be valuable and rewarding for both a family and the international student.

As International students enter the United States, they may experience new and difficult adjustments.  Adapting to a new culture takes time, patience, perseverance, and often a sense of humor.  With the support of a loving and nurturing family environment, students are more likely to be successful and gain the greatest benefit from their cross-cultural adventure.  Grace Academy aims to have all international students attending the school live with an American host family during the time they are enrolled.  Grace Academy families do receive compensation to cover the costs of providing a home for our international students. 

It is Grace Academy’s earnest desire that both the host family and the international student will develop a strong relationship that encourages lasting friendships and ongoing growth for both parties. 

Host Families provide:

  • A safe and comfortable physical environment that meets the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety.
  • An emotionally secure environment in which the student receives encouragement, support, guidance, and love.
  • An opportunity for the student to participate as a valuable member of the host family. 

The International student is expected to participate as a family member would in daily life.  This includes:

  • Sharing in family activities and outings such as daily mealtime.
  • Joining in family outings such as museum visits and recreational activities such as trips to the park as the student’s schedule allows.
  • Sharing in weekly worship services with the host family and possibly attending church youth activities.
  • Participating in household jobs in the same way that other family members participate.  This might include cleaning the house, helping with yard work, doing laundry, assisting in meal preparation, etc. 
  • Showing respect and cooperating with the family rules.  These may relate to curfew and other activities.  Host parents serve as a substitute for the international student’s biological parents and therefore will expect to know the student’s whereabouts and schedule of activities at all times.
  • Learning to practice politeness, good manners, and thoughtfulness in the context of their new culture.
  • Communicating emotional, academic, and physical needs.

Grace Academy is seeking host families who are genuinely interested  in providing a nurturing home environment for an international student.  The host family must be willing to work at overcoming difficult barriers and challenges that language and cultural barriers present as the relationships develop.  All involved should be willing to be stretched and open to new ways of doing things and with patience, flexibility, perseverance, and creativity.