Library Information

Grace Academy works to maintain a library that provides the strategic resources for our students. Rather than mimic the selection of books available in public libraries, we work to complement them with biblical and Christian books and materials. We have knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping students use the library and we have an excellent facility for reading and studying.


Books and materials in the Library/Media Center have been screened according to the philosophy outlined in “Guidelines for Choosing Books,” available at the library circulation desk. Books and materials may contain information that does not represent Grace Ministries’ values, beliefs, and/or practices.


The books in the library are separated by their respective reading levels.  The “E” books are suitable for grades K-3, which include non-fiction as well as fiction titles.  Students in K-1 will only be allowed to check out books from this reading level.  “J” Fiction is intended for students in 3rd-8th.  The “F” Fiction is intended for individuals 6th-Adult, and they will be the only ones allowed to check out these books.  All students in grades 2nd-Adult will be allowed to check out Non-Fiction books.  The “Professional” section will only be available for adults to check out.  Due to our limited number of videos, students in K-5th will not be able to check them out during their scheduled class library times, but will be able to come back after school to check them out. Parents may also check out books and materials for their child(ren) that are restricted to them during classroom and lunch library time.


Different grades have different reading abilities and needs, so the checkout policy differs by age group.  In general, the due dates are based on the scheduled library times for K-5th.  Grades K-2nd will be allowed to check out 2 books for 2 weeks.  Grades 3rd-5th will be allowed to check out 4 books for 2 weeks.  Grades 6th-12th will be allowed to check out 6 books for 2 weeks.  Only one video may be checked out at a time for a one week period.


Students may place books on hold.  The limit on holds is the same quantity as the check out limit.  For example, a 3rd grader may check out 4 books, so they may put holds on up to 4 books.


In order to protect our books, computer stations and carpets, no food or beverages will be allowed in the Library/Media Center.