High School

High School

Grace Academy impacts students by moving them toward knowledge and wisdom: educating from a biblical worldview for this life; evangelizing and equipping for eternal life. Spiritual Development represents half of our mission and includes character as well as behavior. Students are challenged to follow Christ and become like Him.



Kindergarten is open to students who turn 5 by August 31 and who meet the basic readiness requirements. All students entering kindergarten are given the DRS-R2 to provide an objective measure of readiness.


Enrichment Classes

In order to develop the mind and skills of our students, we offer several enrichment classes that do not cost extra, they are part of the elementary program.


Achievement Testing

We annually administer the TerraNova Achievement Test to Kindergarten through tenth grade students.

Special Services

Our Literacy Essentials Academic Program (L.E.A.P.) is offered to help students gain confidence in their abilities and gain greater enthusiasm as they experience success in areas where supplemental or accelerated instruction is necessary.


Kindergarten-Grade 6: BJU Press Bible Truths

Junior High

Junior High

Grace Academy trains young people so that they are able to succeed in the area of God’s calling.



Students are introduced to elements of the library system, with increasing research skill progression in subsequent grade levels.

College/Career Planning

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers a way to earn college credit based on what a person already knows. The clever thing is that these credits are earned at a fraction of the cost of taking a college course.


Books and materials in the Library/Media Center have been screened according to the philosophy outlined in “Guidelines for Choosing Books,” available at the library circulation desk.

Secondary Courses

First semester students will be using a text entitled “Wise Up.” The class will examine how to better deal with some of the problems and situations that touch Christian children, such as making good friends, how to treat parents, and responsibility at home.

For me, Grace Academy is not a school; it is my home. I know that in times of peace and in times of trials I will always find love and support here.

The Christian worldview that is woven into all subject areas. Every square inch of the universe, including education, belongs to God.

I have one child attending Grace Academy and I couldn't be happier with the results. My child is getting a much stronger education than at the previous private school.

The administration believes that this school is a high priority ministry of spreading the gospel plus having an ever-increasing desire to give the best biblically integrated education.

As a former parent of students at Grace, now a grandparent of current and already graduated students, and as a staff member, I know first-hand what wonderfully gifted teachers are employed at Grace. It is much more than a job to them, it is a calling that they take very seriously.

The school's quality of education is amazing and we have found no other schools comparative in this aspect.

Wonderful education, security for our children. Teach morals and values.

High education level, nicest teachers and staff, Biblical teaching, great security. We have had a great experience with Grace Academy and would not place our children anywhere else unless we were to move far away.

It is a safe environment where she is learning biblical truths along with academics which is so important to us. I have loved both her teachers so far and love how friendly and helpful all staff are.

I believe that all the staff truly care for each student and that the lessons they are teaching them will impact them for the future.