Legacy Fund

The Grace Legacy Fund enables our ministry partners to join with Grace Academy in accomplishing its mission of Educating for Life and Impacting for Eternity. This fund supplements the budget beyond tuition and fees to support the two efforts listed below which directly improves the education of students in the greater Marysville area. This year, our Legacy Fund is supporting two efforts:


A Grace Academy education is a valuable community resource, but many families cannot take advantage of it without financial assistance. Your support extends the reach of this quality Christian education to far more students in the region.


Grace Academy continues to make improvements to ensure the safety of our students. In the last two years, we have added cameras to the D (Elementary) building and the E (Gym) building to increase visibility at all times. We have some electronic door locks around the campus to make access easier and record every entry. The next improvement we want to make is to install electronic locks on all the external doors of the Elementary building.