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Estate Plan

Support Grace Academy through your estate planning! You can leave a lasting impact by including our school in your will, charitable gifts, or other plans.

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What is an Estate Plan?

As a steward of God’s resources, it is important that you use your assets to their fullest potential during your lifetime, both in caring for your family and in serving the Lord. 

Because none of us can know when the Lord will call us home, this task carries some urgency. But it is easy to put off. The absence of a plan can have a devastating impact on your estate–and your loved ones. A proper estate plan should accomplish the following:

  • Express God’s plan of stewardship
  • Provide for your dependents’ financial and guardianship needs
  • Transfer your assets to your loved ones and charitable beneficiaries
  • Manage your estate in a tax-efficient manner with the least possible heartache, cost or delay

How to Have a Lasting Impact at Grace Academy

We ask that you consider making Grace Academy part of your estate plan. By graciously including the school in your estate plan you  richly impact lives for eternity. Here are 10 ways to have a Lasting IMPACT:

  1. Prepare a will, or amend your will, to leave a gift to GA.
  2. Use securities, real estate or other assets for your charitable gift to GA.
  3. Name GA as the beneficiary of your IRA or pension plan.
  4. Purchase a “charitable gift annuity” naming GA as beneficiary.
  5. Name GA as the beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy.
  6. Use a “life estate agreement” to leave your home, farm, or vacation home to GA.
  7. Remember deceased loved ones with memorial gifts to GA.
  8. Encourage family members and friends to leave gifts to GA in their wills.
  9. Ask your financial advisor, accountant and attorney to include charitable giving as part of their counsel to other clients.

Parent Testimonial

“Our family has been profoundly blessed by the nurturing and faith-driven environment at Grace Academy! As an alumnus, I am deeply grateful to see my son now thriving in the same enriching setting, where dedicated teachers instill not only academic excellence but also a strong foundation of faith in Jesus. This school truly is a beacon of Christian education, guiding our children towards a path of lifelong learning and spiritual growth.”

Chris Coerber
Current Parent and Alumni

“Grace Academy provides a unique and valuable educational experience for students, emphasizing a personalized and rigorous curriculum, a strong sense of community and a focus on character development. The commitment and dedication of the tenured teachers and staff to their students creates a learning environment that fosters growth, achievement and academic success”

Melissa George
Current Parent

“Grace Academy has been a HUGE blessing for our family!! The quality of academic education coupled with a full complement of extracurricular activities has given us an incredible experience. While these 2 things have contributed to the success of our kids, what has been the most impactful is the relationship they have developed with Jesus and how the teachers genuinely love and care for each student. Grace Academy’s motto is ‘Educating for Life / Impacting for Eternity’ and as a family that has been here for 13 years – we have seen this, felt this, and most importantly, lived this. We could not imagine our kids anywhere else and thank God every day for allowing us to be a part of the Grace Academy family!!”

Duaine Birkhofer
Current Parent

“Our son’s life is forever changed. God has used the team at Grace Academy to shelter our son from the storms of life raging all around. Combining highest levels of academic excellence, Godly instruction, and a family atmosphere, we are forever grateful for Grace Academy. We highly recommend, and we are beyond blessed to know our second son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall!”

Rev. Shawn and Elizabeth Roberts
Current Parent

“I appreciate Grace's high academic standards while seeing my child as a whole and meeting him where he is academically and socially. The care and intent the staff gives to help every student reach their potential is impressive. I am truly grateful that we have found our way to the Grace family.”

Jamie Jefferson
Current Parent

"Grace Academy has blessed our family with the strength and courage to hold true to our family values. Grace Academy instills the importance of both faith and education while creating healthy relationships with peers and God."

JNicole Abroguena

"Grace Academy has been a great place for my kids to grow both academically and spiritually this year! It has been a special joy for me to see my kids’ appetite for God’s Word grow; I know this is in part from their engagement in classes and chapels at Grace. Thank you to the administrators and teachers at Grace Academy for being intentional in sharing God’s truth in all aspects of their education!"

Andrea Dauber