Grace Academy impacts students by moving them toward knowledge and wisdom: educating from a biblical worldview for this life; evangelizing and equipping for eternal life. Spiritual Development represents half of our mission and includes character as well as behavior. Students are challenged to follow Christ and become like Him. Daily Bible class and weekly chapels are the primary avenues of spiritual training, but the Bible is integrated throughout the curriculum. Likewise, all the faculty are committed to guiding the students toward maturity.


Grace Academy offers elementary students a wide variety of opportunities to learn in a challenging and supportive environment.  Our teachers are well trained and equipped to help students gain an academic edge.  With high standards, students regularly score above grade level on yearly academic achievement testing.  The firm foundation of solid skills built on strategic teaching and learning set the stage for continued success as students prepare for the next step in their education.
Students in kindergarten through sixth grade are in self-contained classrooms with opportunities for daily enrichment courses.  Teachers enjoy close relationships with all of their students and provide a safe and encouraging environment to foster growth.  Students are nurtured and teachers partner with parents to meet individual needs.  Homework is a regular part of the program and helps parents to be involved in their child’s education as students practice and refine their academic learning.


All students in grades Kindergarten through 6th have classes in library, art, music, computers, P.E., and Spanish. These classes are taught by specialists who have special training. Music is especially important to the development of young minds. Students in 4th-6th have the opportunity to participate in the Academix choir where they receive vocal and choral training. We also have opportunities to play in the band beginning with 5th grade with private lessons from our band teacher. For upper elementary students, there are also possibilities to participate in sports such as soccer in the fall, basketball in winter, and track in spring.