Spring Is A Busy Time

We are in the middle of a busy time a year, therefore, time for a break. As we head into the Presidents’ Day break with four consecutive days off, we are reminded of the need for a pause in our busy schedule. To our usual academic routines, the school has co-curricular events such as spelling bees and speech meets that challenge students to grow intellectually. Beyond these events, athletics, music, and drama add more to busy lives. Of course, these events and activities help the students develop, which is why we do them.

Grace Academy’s best spellers just competed in the ACSI District Spelling Bee. Our own Taylor Knappert took the top spot for the second year in a row. Next week we host our school speech meet to find out who will represent us at the next level of competition. Other schools will determine their leading students and will bring them to our campus on March 16 for the ACSI District Speech Meet. Grace Academy hosts this event each year to serve other Christian schools in the area as an opportunity for students in the Puget Sound to measure themselves against others through greater competition.

Our athletic teams have just finished basketball season, so there is a short lull before spring sports begin practices. Because there are two or more games per week and because a high percentage of our students participate, basketball is our most exhausting season. Our athletes need this break to heal from minor injuries and recharge for golf or track.

Finally, our arts departments have events coming up, too. The bands and choirs have been working all year for the music festivals and workshops in the spring. There are separate musicales for the elementary and junior high in March and a music festival for the high school in April. The band has a two-day workshop in March. Several of our high school students are beginning play practices for the play, “Our Town.” The play will be presented at Grace Academy in early May.

All these events are designed to help the students in their learning, setting them up for long-term success.