Friday March 29th

Our third day in France and my favorite day here! We woke up and had some yummy croissants for breakfast and then we got on the road to Mont Saint Michel. Mont Saint Michel is an island city with an abbey at the top. The layout of the island demonstrates the way the feudal system worked. It was about an hour drive and then we still had to drive a little longer. In order to travel from the parking area to the island, everyone was crammed onto a bus. While that wasn’t enjoyable, a little suffering from being way too close to other people was definitely worth it. Next, we encountered my worst enemy, stairs, though I think we are friends now after walking up about 380 of them. From the abbey, the view was beautiful, and the architecture was even more stunning! After seeing the abbey we got some time to explore. We walked into a store selling daggers and cool blades and it was tempting to get one. I don’t know where I would keep it so I did not buy anything. After that, we got some food and I discovered that what they call french fries here are better in France. Sorry to the french fries at the Viking in Lake Stevens, you have been replaced. I’ve tried a lot of French foods but something I’ve never had was an eclair. Best pastry ever. After we ate we walked back to the bus. We then drove to Omaha Beach and got to walk around. It’s crazy to think that tragic things had happened there and yet the beach is so beautiful. We then went to Pointe du Hoc and saw the German bunkers and to walk around in them. The landscape was breathtaking and the fact that everything there is actually original is still crazy to me. I like seeing the actual sites more than museums and statues because they have a greater impact on me. I would encourage people to travel to historic sites and enjoy the experience. We are now heading back to England. These past five days have felt like weeks, in a good way. I miss home but I also wish we could stay longer.

By Kirsten Fuhrman