The public transport system for any successful city should be centered around efficiency, and London’s underground, or “The Tube”, is a great example of smooth and effective transportation.

Picture this: you’re an office worker in London. The bar across the street was particularly loud last night, and you got no sleep. Now you have to go to work exhausted. You drink your morning tea, and you enter your nearest station to board the underground. Everything in the station is laid out perfectly, and the simple clean building makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the future. You board your train. It’s mostly empty this morning, so you take a seat. You start to doze off when a loud screeching noise shakes the whole train. You jolt awake, feeling refreshed and energized. That’s the London Underground difference.

I really like the tube because it’s never a hassle or a confusing experience. Everything just works, and I can tell that if I lived in London, I would want to ride the tube every day.