On Tuesday we went to Cardiff Castle in Wales. It was built in the late eleventh century. We started off by going through the castle walls that had been used as an air raid bomb shelter in WWII. We then walked up a ton of stairs to get to the top of the keep, or Bailey Castle that had an impressive moat around it. The view from the top of the castle ruins was incredible! You could see the whole town of Cardiff and beyond from up there. Unfortunately, much of the castle has been destroyed from the war, and time itself. After Bailey Castle we toured a newer part of the castle that had been built around the middle of the 19th century by the richest man in the world at that time. The rooms were filled with beautiful ornate decorations, bright colors, and gold…oh so much gold! Touring these extravagant rooms definitely made me want to live in a castle! We then got to walk around the town of Cardiff for a little while and shop for souvenirs, gifts, and even coffee! Overall, Cardiff Castle was a very cool site to see! It was especially interesting to see how the castle has been used throughout the years from a medieval fortress, to an ornate house, and a WWII shelter.

By Taryn Smith