Classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Morning class: 9:00-11:30am
Afternoon class: 12:30-3:00pm

The Pre-Kindergarten program at Grace Academy lays a foundation for the future. Our goal is to ensure that each student that begins our pre-kindergarten program is emotionally, mentally, and developmentally ready to enjoy success. Our program is intended for students who will be four years of age by August 31 and are potty trained.

Children will learn concepts that will prepare them for success in Kindergarten.  Our program will teach students in the following areas:


  • Learn Bible stories
  • Memorize Bible verses
  • Character development 

Visual Discrimination

  • Same and Different
  • Learn the difference between shapes such as circles, triangles and squares

Visual Motor/Prewriting Skills

  • Draw different shapes and symbols such as a circle, a square, and plus sign 

Follow Positional Directions

  • Over and Above
  • Show your right/left hand 

Follow Verbal Directions

  • Follow instructions in a series of directions

Personal and Social Skills

  • Practice manners
  • Lengthen attention span

Number Recognition and Counting

  • Count 1-20
  • Recognize written numbers
  • Number Sequencing
  • One to one correspondence

Writing and Phonics: Letter Recognition –A Beka Curriculum

  • Recognize the letters of the alphabet
  • Begin learning initial sounds of consonants and short vowel sounds
  • Begin letter writing

Arts and Crafts

  • Learn and improve cutting skills


  • Weekly visits to Music Class with the music teacher

Introduction to Library Skills


  • Learn to follow rules in social circles